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Un Triomphe d’Avocat



The journal Le Charivari reported on pages 1, 2, and 4 on the events of the day, while page 3 was reserved for a caricature treating one of these topics. Honore Daumier produced many of those.  Between December 1843 and September 1846, Le Charivari published 101 caricatures in a series called “Les Beaux Jours de la Vie” [The Best Days of Life].

This lithograph, Plate 42 of the Les Beaux Jours de la Vie series, was published in Le Charivari on February 23, 1845. Titled, ”Un Triomphe d’Avocat” [The Triumph of a Lawyer], is commentary on the job of the lawyer.  The text tells the story:

Let me embrace you, you’ve been acquitted…. between you and me, you ought to have been sent to the galleys, you old scoundrel…. but never mind, it’s always nice to be able to save one’s own kind!

(Deeply moved, the thief picks his lawyer´s pocket, so that he might keep a reminder of the lawyer’s respect and friendship!)

Note that this is a lithograph printed on BFK Rives paper; unlike most Daumier prints (including others available here), this is not a print from Le Charivari or another news journal.

This work is held in numerous important collections, including the Armand Hammer Daumier and Contemporaries Collection, the Fogg Museum at Harvard University, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, the New York Public Library, the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Cabinet des Estampes (first state).

Additional information

Signing, Dating, and Titling



Excellent Condition


Old Etchings


BFK Rives
Aubert et Cie
Aubert et Cie
February 23, 1845
Hand-signed and dated by in pencil the artist en recto lower right.  Numbered in pencil by the artist en recto lower left.  Printed in the lower left margin, “Chez Aubert Pl. de la Bourse 29”.  Impressed in the lower right margin is, “d’Aubert & Cie.”
This is impression 322 out of the edition of 500
This work is custom matted and framed in a vintage frame behind UV-Filter Plexiglass.  All conservation materials.
Excellent condition.  Well-inked and crisp lines.  A beautifully-printed work.
Framed Size:
— in. (h) x — in. (w) x — in. (d)
Sheet Size:
8.5625 in. (h) x 11.3125 in. (w)
Image Size:
8.4 in. (h) x 8.3 in. (w)
Catalogue Raisonné:  Delteil Daumier IV.1129 ii/ii; Hazard & Delteil 766.

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