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Salt Wave, from the Hektor Portfolio



Salt Wave, an Intaglio engraving, the second of the nine intaglios by Stanley William Hayter that illustrate the book-length poem Death of Hektor by Irish poet Brian Coffey.

This poem is a dramatic reinterpretation of Homer’s epic tale from The Iliad.  Rather than embrace the traditional view of Achilles as the embodiment of honor, glory, and fame, Coffey and Hayter portray the Greek hero-warrior as a violent and vengeful soldier—his mindless and brutal actions during and after the murder of the Trojan prince Hektor belying his tragic hero status.  In this, they challenge the glorification of the culture of war—violence, destruction, and death—elevating the importance of a morally-conscious Hektor, while stressing Homer’s deep insight into the human condition.

This is a masterwork by one of the most important print-makers in modern history.

Additional information


Etching, Intaglio


Signing, Dating, and Titling



Excellent Condition


Modern Print-Makers


Print in black and blue ink from an etching, soft-ground etching, engraving, and deep etching on copper plate.  The black was printed by intaglio; the blue by soft roller.
Printed on Crisbook paper, each sheet separately handmade by the legendary (and now shuttered) Barcham Green paper company, specially watermarked “SWH 1976” for this project.
Published by Circle Press, Surrey.
Some of the plates from the Hektor portfolio were printed by Hayter at Atelier 17 in Paris and others by Jack Shirreff at 107 Workshop Wiltshire in England.
Hand-signed and dated in pencil by the artist en recto lower right.  Numbered in pencil en recto lower left.  Titled with Roman numeral “I” en recto center.
This is impression 23 out of the edition of 300 (aside from 50 copies not for sale).  Produced from March through December 1979.
Float-framed on rag mat in a black-stained ash frame behind UV-Filter Plexiglass with all-rag spacers.  All conservation materials.
Excellent condition, without damage or flaw; impression bright, crisp, and clear.
Framed Size:
19 in. (h) x 14.675 in. (w) x 1.5 in. (d)
Sheet Size:
15.75 in. (h) x 11.5 in. (w)
Plate Size:
295 mm x 215 mm
Catalogue Raisonné:
Black & Moorhead 408; Cont. Artist’s 389-390.

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