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Skyways is a silkscreen in multiple colors and mixed-media print on die-cut falpaco and mounted on an additional board of falpaco. (Falpaco was a form of coated cardboard produced by the Falulah Paper Company beginning in about March 1968.)

With the ethereal color and form which defines Walter Darby Bannard’s work.

The artist and critic Judith Goldman wrote about Skyways in her article Prints by Painters in the 1969 edition of Artist’s Proof. Referring to the works as “jewel-like,” she wrote:

“As a series, the prints represent a rich exposition and exploration of color. Individually, the color employed plays an extremely important role as each print delicately juxtaposes graphic and linear qualities with painterly concerns. *** Organic forms, in matte, chalky, shades of paste blue, pink, yellow, and green float across the larger rectangular grey-green background. These cloud-like shapes of the background are definitely painterly, but the flat matteness of their color insists on their graphic quality and creates a rigorous ambiguity which sets the forms of the background into motion. This movement is further intensified by the presence of the die-cut, mauve-pink corners. The die-cutting creates a linear edge which separates and juxtaposes the glossy painterly corners from the matte graphic background.

There are six works in the Skyways series.

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Print, Serigraph in Colors

Signing, Dating, and Titling


Excellent Condition

Product Details

Serigraph (screenprint) and mixed media on die-cut falpaco and mounted on an additional sheet of falpaco.
Published by HKL [Harcus Krakow List], Ltd., New York
Hand-signed and titled in pen by the artist en verso lower right.
This is one of the unnumbered edition of 144.
Custom float-framed in a solid Walnut shadow-box frame with the work lifted up above the matboard.  All conservation and archival materials.
Excellent condition.
Framed Size:
Each work is 19 in. (h) x 24 in. (w) x 1.75 in. (d)
Sheet Size:
Each work is 10 in. (h) x 15 in. (w)

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