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The Baskin Ars Anatomica Portfolio

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In 1970 Leonard Baskin was commissioned by Edititions Medicina Rara, Ltd., of New York, to produce this portfolio of anatomical drawings.  Upon its publication, this portfolio was described as the first anatomical portfolio by an artist of renown.

These works reflect the best of anatomical illustrations, which though designed for learning and reference were treasured for their beauty, scholarly import, and artistic merit.  As written in the colophon, “Some of these images seem even hundreds of years later to make a profound statement about man through the portrayal of his physicality.”

Plainly, these works by Baskin were unconcerned with scientific accuracy.  Physiognomy has always played a central role in most of Baskin’s work.  So, too, was Baskin always fascinated by medical illustration.  This work, then, unites those loves, celebrating humankind’s creative spirit and the human spirit which prevails even when sometimes the body fails.

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