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Krystina Smiechowska

Polish-born printmaker Krystyna Smiechowska, born 1939, draws her inspiration from ancient maps and inscriptions and Slavic manuscripts from the High Middle Ages, to construct abstract works, where the ancient writings, runes, Old Slavic, are integrated into the drawing and confer at work an aura of mystery.

She is a master engraver, but her works often combines several modes of expression, etching, aquatint, and is made on previously embossed papers.

Smiechowska exhibited actively in 1960s and 1970s, including at the Regency Gallery in Brussels in 1968 and at the 1973 Biennale de Paris.  Her work is found at the Washington Color Gallery primarily because of the superb quality of her work, which puts her among the best and most eloquent engravers world-wide, but we claim her as a Washingtonian because she exhibited actively in Washington in the early 1970s, including at the Georgetown Graphics Gallery.

Works by this Artist