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Raphael Abecassis

Raphael Abecassis is a Marrakesh-born contemporary artist.  He grew up in Israel and studied art at the College of Education in Beersheva, and where he still lives and works.

Abecassis has a distinctive style, integrating traditional Sephardic motifs with contemporary style.  His works typically use bright colors, but he deftly avoids garishness.  And though his work typically reflects Jewish themes, it does not resemble your grandmother’s Jewish art; it has a freshness sorely lacking in the genre.  In short, Abecassis integrates excellent technical performance, a refreshing and original combination of colors, and clear and perfect compositions.

Abecassis was selected to design the official poster art for Israel’s Independence Day Celebrations in both 1986 and 1991.  He was also commissioned by Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel, in Los Angeles, to design a magnificent stained glass window, reaching 22 feet in height and comprised of over 6,000 pieces of glass.

Abecassis has enjoyed substantial success at Israel and abroad, with exhibitions in museums and galleries world-wide.

Works by this Artist